15 Self-care practices for #lifeinthetimeofcovid19

15 Self-care practices for #lifeinthetimeofcovid19

At the time of writing this article, I’ve been home for 58 days! I am blessed to still have a job and have been working from home ever since.

I have experienced both good days and bad days and a roller-coaster of emotions that has left me feeling very depleted and drained for longer than I’d like. It is when things get really hard that a little more self-love and self-care is needed.

We must be willing to give up the life we’ve planned, so we can live the life that’s waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

I hope you find some value in the self-care I turn to when I need it most.

  1. Committing to my daily prayers.
  2. A lovely hot shower and full body scrub.
  3. Self massage with restorative oils.
  4. Social media detox.
  5. Listening to meditation.
  6. Listening to upbeat music on Spotify.
  7. Watching a light-hearted movie.
  8. Cooking a delicious healthy meal.
  9. Trying out a new dessert or savoury recipe.
  10. Drinking hot lemon and ginger water.
  11. Decluttering my space.
  12. Spending time with my cat if she allows it 😉
  13. Video calling friends and family.
  14. Writing a blog post 🙂
  15. Enjoying a home workout with some weights!

NB: It’s important to be cognisant of the fact that we are dealing with a global pandemic where there is so much uncertainty and fear floating about. Whether you feel like doing absolutely nothing or being super productive, either way, allow yourself to be true to where you are and allow this state you are in to pass through you. Nothing is permanent. Change is coming. Change is happening. Be open to it and keep dreaming!

What are your self-care rituals?

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

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