It’s never too late to become an athlete

It’s never too late to become an athlete

I was never involved in any sport code activity during my years of being at school. I did not enjoy it. I felt uncomfortable wearing shorts and I was never tempted by anything that my school had to offer. Looking back, I think that the options regarding sporting activities were inadequate and it did not appeal to me.


Digging deeper, I was basically an introvert, insecure, underexposed, helpless, very fearful but very intelligent student. Got to give myself some credit hey? Deep down inside myself, I had an inner strength that I was unaware of.


Nevertheless, being healthy slowly became important to me and strangely enough, I found myself enjoying being more interested in sports related activities by doing resistance training, participating in walking events and practicing yoga.


Access to the internet was a scarce commodity back then when I grew up. I remember flipping through various magazines like the Time magazine and loved how it exposed me to what was happening around me and in other countries. I loved reading up on a wide variety of topics including car and health magazines. I held onto a copy of the Men’s Health magazine that featured an article on a workout routine as well as an easy to follow power yoga sequence that I’m still able to practice whenever I need to.


Health First – putting one’s BEST foot forward

Improving my health and fitness level has become a top priority in my life. All of us know that the more we care for ourselves, the better our lives will be health-wise and that our health positively impacts the other areas of our daily lives. To prevent is better than to cure! Right? So, choosing to live an active lifestyle and being an effective problem solver will be of great benefit when we instill it as part of our daily routine.
Being more attentive to physical activity,  using it as both a stress reliever and a way to get to know your  body better, shows you what your limitations are, what can be improved and how far you can push yourself. Remember, that we need to take care of ourselves FIRST, so we can care for others.
One of my goals is to reach an adequate level of fitness in preparation of my dream 18 month travel exploration around the world. Slowly but surely I’m getting there…
I’m keen to know of any tips and tricks you have to share. How has fitness become a part of your life and what activities do you get up to?