Manage Aunt Flo and have a happy period

Manage Aunt Flo and have a happy period

Laying curled up and passed out on the bathroom floor in the fetal position was something I did not look forward to when I was younger. It’s debilitating and unpleasant and robs you of time that could be better spent on more important things in life. I’d much rather be Netflixing and chilling to be honest.

It took me many years to realize that I can be more in control of my period and bypass all the pain and suffering. It may sound like a familiar commercial to you but you can have a happy period.

Some months I’m able to breeze through it without any worries and sometimes I need to implement my trusty methods to alleviate some of my discomfort. It’s been years since I’ve been curled up on the bathroom floor. Pre-Covid 19, I could easily walk on to the dance floor at the gym and complete a HIIT workout without worrying too much. I hope what I have to share with you in this article will have a significant impact and find a solution that works well for you.

I want you to continue with living your life your way. Taking care of your body is a form of self-love. Remember this.

Be organized

Track your period. I only recently came across a lovely app called Period Tracker Period Flow. I’m using the free version. It’s pretty accurate so you can be prepared with your hygiene pack and to understand your insatiable hunger games mode when your period starts. There are many apps to choose from, find one that works for you.

Your hygiene pack

Now that you know when you need to have it you have enough time to ensure you have everything in your hygiene pack ready. Feminine hygiene products can be expensive. If you’re in a position to purchase in bulk when there are specials then do stock up. The aim is to ensure that you are always prepared.

Always keep a little pouch with the basics in your handbag and gym bag. Sanitary pad or tampon, pantyliner and a pack of wipes. Wipes are nice to have and if you cannot afford it right now then rinsing your intimate area with some water is sufficient.  Another item that’s nice to have are disposable bags. You can either purchase a pack specifically for disposing of your sanitary products or a pack of nappy bags works just as well. They are in fact cheaper and more value for money.

Two more options to keep are feminine hygiene soap to use in the bath or shower and powder. This usually lasts a very long time. The reason for this recommendation is because we have sweat glands in our groin area. It is different from the rest of our body and is a normal part of the body’s heat regulation. Excess sweat can cause itching and sometimes cause infections.

Handy list for your hygiene pack:

  • Sanitary pad or tampon 
  • Pantyliner 
  • A pack of wipes
  • Nappy bags
  • Feminine hygiene soap
  • Feminine hygiene powder
  • A pain tablet or magnesium

Dealing with the hunger games

The last five days before getting my period I tend to be hungrier than usual. Now that I have my app I’m more informed into understanding why I feel this way and make an effort to pack in extra food for the day. Now tends to be the time when we crave all the delicious junk. I’m an advocate for eating healthy balanced nutrient dense foods and happily indulge in treats when I feel like it. I enjoy a wide variety of food and never say no to cake. Of course everything in moderation. I do believe that reducing sugar and junk plays a key role in cravings and hormone levels. If you feel like enjoying an entire slab of chocolate or a slice of cake, then do so without punishing yourself. With that said it is also useful to understand why your body goes into this mode.

One of the ways I manage my cravings is through what I eat and by taking supplements if I believe I need it at the time. You will know if you need extra. Now, I’m not a registered practitioner and I don’t expect what worked for me to work for everyone. I will strongly encourage you to do your research, understand how your body works and find methods that will work for you.

I follow Nicole M Jardin on Instagram who shares a lot of great information that is life changing.

These are the supplements I take:

  • Zinplex is a great immune booster and perfect for skin.
  • SlowMag, magnesium is one of the most important supplements to help ease cramps AND cravings. Take this everyday and you won’t crave a chocolate as much! Or you could focus on just the luteal phase of your cycle.
  • Evening primrose oil, I take the last ten days before and the first few days of my period.


I found that Moringa capsules are great as an overall supplement and I then only take this on days I need an energy boost and when I haven’t had much greens for the day.

I don’t take all these supplements every single day. It all depends on what I’m eating that day and to up my game to avoid getting ill.


I believe in eating all the foods. I believe that food is fuel for the body and what we put in is what we get out. Apart from satisfying the occasional craving I still try to eat as healthy as possible. I won’t easily go for junk food just because it’s my period although sometimes it’s good to take advantage.

Bananas and almonds are a good source of magnesium. Add to your overnight or cooked oats or smoothies.

At night I have chamomile or rooibos tea with collagen powder. I take it for deep sleep but it also helps with alleviating bloating and easing cramps.

Spinach and beets are good to keep your iron levels optimal. Try to include lots of greens in your diet every day.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water everyday. I keep a jug of water near my desk and aim to drink all the water by the end of my working day.

You must give a poop!

One very important process to manage is pooping regularly! It helps to alleviate pain and cramps and gets rid of excess estrogen your body produces at this time. A daily poo will help you feel light and energetic too. So drink lots of water and ensure that you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. I find that having my green juice around these days helps a lot too.

Be prepared for potential accidents

I once had a very embarrassing situation at work. I was on the fourth floor and the only way down to the bathroom on the first floor is via the stairs! I made the mistake of wearing a skirt with my prettiest skimpy underwear because I thought my period had ended. It was horrific and I needed help. Luckily my colleague had a blanket which I wrapped around myself and hoped and prayed that nothing would land on the floor as I ran down. My other colleague was tasked with getting my gym bag. Thank goodness I had extra underwear and a top to wear with my gym tights. I never ever want to endure this again but shit happens and others are more understanding than we think. Once I freshened up I continued with my day acting as if a sudden outfit change didn’t just happen.

Comment below and share what works well for you.

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