Understand your menstrual cycle through four phases and harness your menstrual power!

Understand your menstrual cycle through four phases and harness your menstrual power!

Hi Grateful Hearts

I am excited to share with you my very first guest blog by Megan Pellizari! Megan is a Sonographer, Natural Fertility Educator, Hormone Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach and I’ve been learning so much about my body from her. Naturally, I love sharing beneficial information that will impact you in a meaningful way. Please read below and let me know your thoughts.

Have you heard about it? The power of the menstrual cycle? 

Could a woman’s menstrual cycle actually be the key to her living her best life?

You’ve really had it all long, this power, this power that is inside of you, but maybe the sound has been turned down, maybe it’s been lying dormant. Let’s tune in.

You can use your menstrual power to create a life you love, and it all starts with understanding its four phases: The Menstrual Phase, The Pre-Ovulation Phase, The Ovulation Phase and the Post-Ovulation phase.

Let’s run through each of these phases and learn how you can use them to your advantage to create a life you love.

The Menstrual Phase

The menstrual phase is also known as the ‘bleeding’ phase or your ‘period’. Your period occurs each cycle as a result of a previous ovulation. All reproductive hormones drop (especially progesterone) that results in the shedding of the uterine lining = your PERIOD. This phase varies between two to seven days in length and can be quite difficult for some (but it doesn’t have to be!).

Your energy is at the lowest it will be throughout your cycle and you may feel: tired, withdrawn, introspective and your intuition will be heightened. It is best to rest and move slowly throughout these days. Use this time to check in with what is or what is not supporting you in your life. Plan and prepare for the cycle to come so that you can let these things go.

Note: Your period is meant to just come and go, it’s not meant to be difficult. Seek support if you’re suffering. 

The Pre-Ovulation Phase 

This is the time in the cycle when the ovaries are preparing and ripening an egg, as well as thickening the uterine lining. This phase begins the day after bleeding is complete and continues until the day your fertile window opens. At the start of this phase, reproductive hormones: estrogen and testosterone levels will be low and as days pass, they will slowly ramp up. As this happens, you will feel a boost in energy, mood, confidence and brain skills. Have you ever noticed this? That feeling of stepping out of your period cave, for all the world to see? 

Since you are feeling fresh and renewed: start a new project, brainstorm, problem solve, use your improved mental capacity to make important personal and business decisions.

The Ovulation Phase (fertile phase)

Have you ever noticed a time in your cycle where you feel super sexy, confident, feel like you could take on the world and conquer all? Estrogen is responsible for this and dominant during this phase, making your skin look and feel better, lifting your energy further and boosting your libido. Estrogen also suppresses appetite which can help you feel lighter and less weighed down. The lining of the uterus is continuing to thicken here, in preparation for pregnancy. 

As estrogen reaches its peak, a beautiful egg is released from the ovary. This egg, if not fertilized by sperm within 12-24 hours, will disintegrate and die, with your period following 11-16 days later (optimal). Remember: You need to ovulate first in order to get a period. 

Since you’re feeling hot and on top of the world, you can use this to your advantage – book in your social events, that job interview, work longer hours and make use of this fertile energy.

NOTE: With each and every cycle, your body WANTS you to get pregnant. Regardless if this is a priority for you or not, this is your body’s job with each and every cycle. A healthy and regular ovulation and a healthy and regular cycle is a sign of fertility and fertility is a sign of health.

The Post-Ovulation Phase

This phase occurs when the egg is not fertilised during ovulation and the body begins to prepare to release it. Progesterone levels soar, well, SHOULD soar, if they don’t, it can leave you feeling emotional, anxious, exhausted, restless and sleep deprived. Progesterone stimulates the maturation of the lining of the uterus in preparation for a fertilised egg to implant. It’s also not uncommon to come up against a sensation of fullness and a strong desire and anxiousness to release this fullness. This release happens when your period begins again (menstrual phase). 

During this phase, it is best to SLOW down, say no to social gatherings, up your self-care by treating yourself with baths or a massage, movie nights and plan for your period to come.

By understanding your menstrual cycle and the four phases that come and go, you can use them to your advantage. Some other ways you can use your menstrual power:

  • Heal your period problems and improve menstrual wellbeing
  • To optimise your fertility
  • Use as natural contraception (it’s time to ditch the hormonal birth control ladies!)
  • Live a life you love that flows and that is supportive of your energy.

You’ve had it within you all along, and if you’re still reading this, this is your sign to start to harness it.

You can contact Megan on Instagram @awombguidedlife, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/A-Womb-Guided-Life-100406294953704/ or visit her website www.awombguidedlife.com.