Why change is beneficial for you

Why change is beneficial for you

When we take the leap of faith to bring change within, it comes with so much excitement, opportunities and of course fear of the unknown. Being in this space where we are open to change allows us to build new habits and to be creative in building our new reality.

For me personally, it is a time of great introspection. This made me think of how we treat ourselves and others.

​Are we unnecessarily hard on ourselves? Are we our own worst critic or our own best friend?​

How often do we take the time to reflect on who we are, our character, our goals, our health and our well-being in general?



Practicing patience and perseverance are two key characteristics we need to instil in order to be equipped to achieve what we want to in life.


Below are a few action points to implement that will assist you on your journey :


  1. Practice being kind to yourself
  2. Practice generosity and gratitude
  3. Pat yourself on the back for even the tiniest achievements
  4. Avoid any and all negativity as much as possible
  5. Never allow the outer critics to have power over you. Deflect what they say or limit your interaction with them
  6. Watch out for people who speak to you in a condescending manner. It’s never ever acceptable
  7. Is your self-talk more positive or more negative. Observe your own thinking and replace those negative words with a positive affirmation
  8. Are you doing what you love? Do something that gives you joy and do it often
  9. Are you practicing letting go of all attachments or that insatiable need to control?
  10. Why not choose to live in flow? When we resist we block good energy from flowing our way
  11. Stay on course with your happiness and be committed to your dreams (there will always be a Grinch who wants to steal it, don’t let them)
  12. Remember the power of association, the more you associate with people who support you unconditionally for your benefit within your frame of reference the more likely you are to succeed in whatever you choose to do. Spending time with people who are already doing what you want to do must never be underestimated. If you want to be an athlete, spend time with one. If you want to be a dancer, you need to be in the company of dancers

I believe that everyone is deserving of living their ideal life, uncomplicated and free from unnecessary stress. Acknowledging the reality of one’s life can be both challenging and shocking. It takes courage to face your fears but knowing the truth already places you in a different state of mind. Our attitude towards accepting change plays a massive role and sets the tone for how we choose to bring about change in our lives.

Change can be seen as being disruptive and that’s ok. You know why you’re doing what you’re doing. I’m in no way endorsing a 360 degree in change at all. Rather promote change gradually whilst being true to YOU.

Placing your own needs first above anyone and anything is of absolute importance and remember being the best version of yourself not only enables you to serve others better but your dynamism has a cascading effect on those around you.

“You are awesome”

One thing to remember abouting embracing change is that there will ALWAYS be someone who is not going to be happy with you changing. Accept it, acknowledge it and move on. No need to explain yourself.

“Every party needs a pooper”

We must believe that change is inevitable and that we cannot escape it. We do have the power to steer our direction and we do not have to be fully accepting if the change we get is not the change we want. Without change we cannot grow and progress and have new experiences.

We need to practice being kind to ourselves and include healthy doses of self-love. Be your own best friend, so keep those conversations with yourself positive, inspiring and uplifting, consistently. Know that there is always room for improvement but don’t be too hard on yourself. Have fun and enjoy the process of becoming YOU.


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