Why I chose functional training – Part 1

Why I chose functional training – Part 1

February, our month of Love. I would love to encourage you to use this month as a reminder to focus on self-love. This made me think of why I do what I do and the intentions I have set and reaffirm daily.

A few people have asked me about the gym I attend and why I choose Roark. I hope my thoughts will inspire you to focus on yourself more and dedicate time regularly to whatever brings you joy and lights up your soul. Never feel guilty for choosing to take time out for yourself. I believe we cannot optimally care for others if we are not taking proper care of ourselves first.

I treat the very things I find joyful with so pure sacredness am very protective of it.

Have you ever experienced moments of resistance or negativity from others when you choose to put yourself first?

It is perfectly normal to the point that you can almost always expect it. Sometimes human beings unknowingly speak in a way that comes across in a negative way. We speak from our own version of reality and how we internally perceive the world. Keeping this thought in mind gives one peace of mind to not take what others say so personally.

So, why Roark?

My decision to participate in functional training has been a year-long thought process. I enrolled for a two week CrossFit beginner’s course before which left me both terrified and intrigued.

Cost and affordability at the time were unfortunately also one of my deciding factors. What blew me away was the quick progress I made in a very short amount of time and how quickly I recovered by eating well and getting optimal rest. This made me realise that the more commercial gyms were not for me and I found a type of training that rocked me.

The moment I clicked on the link to Roark’s website, I knew I found a gym which suited me best and immediately signed up!

I have never looked back. This lifestyle choice is important to me and I choose to do this for as long as I possibly can. On a personal note, my older sister’s sudden death served as a reminder to take my health and longevity seriously.

What makes Roark so special?

Firstly, we have AMAZING coaches who are dedicated and take the time to connect with everyone. It is currently the ONLY gym in South Africa offering functional training for women exclusively. Results are guaranteed based on the amount of effort you put in. The environment is very supportive and non-judgemental.

The gym offers both group classes and personal one-to-one training. Women of all fitness levels workout together. If you have never set foot in a gym, don’t worry, you are most welcome. It is one hour of pure dedication to yourself. A great endorphin releasing me-time session for sure.

What are my goals?

My goal initially was to increase my capacity to do more, to prolong my health, vitality, and longevity. My goals now include being strong physically, emotionally and mentally.

More about this journey will be shared in my next post.


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