Why I chose functional training – Part 2

Why I chose functional training – Part 2

How does being active or doing functional training translate through to other areas of your life?

You are happier and learn to manage stress better. Being active is nature’s best antidepressant.

You learn to take better care of your body and you are more in tune with what is happening to it. Choose to educate yourself with proper information.

You learn to stretch yourself and your capabilities beyond the gym floor. You are more likely to set bigger goals each time you reach a new milestone.

Impossible is nothing. You want to achieve your best. Mental toughness! You learn to trust the process. Your patience increases and you learn to not be so hard on yourself. This is not easy.

By choosing to be non-judgemental, you are more understanding, accepting and respectful of other’s journies. The support and encouragement you receive is something you will deeply appreciate. The only person you are competing with is you and only YOU. Overall your attitude improves towards yourself and others.

You are more focused, celebrate every victory, laugh more and generally happier.

Improved posture makes you walk with more elegance, confidence, and poise.

You learn to be honest with yourself. If you cheat you know what the consequences are.

Consistency is always key and you quickly learn how valuable this is especially when you don’t feel like going, just show up.

Your maths improves. How? The WOD shows 100 burpees and immediately your thoughts are breaking that down into 10 sets of 10, lol.

For me, gymming is not about achieving aesthetics. I don’t have a picture in my mind of what I want my body to look like. Instead, I choose to love my body just as it is and make it stronger and better every day. Aesthetics is just a bonus.

My everyday goal is to be happy in the now with a vision for my future. So, the sacrifices I am making today prepares me for my ideal life.

If I have managed to inspire you and you are keen to experience this type of training, sign up!


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